A New Buggy

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Callahan’s accident happened 3 years ago today and I found myself reliving that whole ordeal in my head. The difficult parts still make me shudder, but remembering all of the love and support makes me smile – I’ll hold on to those memories instead. I am so grateful that we were blessed with the outcome we have. There are definitely days where Callahan gets frustrated, worn out and his body feels like it has a constant electric current running through it, but we both recognize the countless tender mercies that have happened and we are grateful.

Eliza’s cute pointed toes have been dangling out of her stroller for quite some time but it was so convenient, light and compact that we just kept making it work. However, it was definitely time for an upgrade. We met with the wheelchair specialist months ago and decided to go the stroller route once again. Eliza is a perfect candidate for a tilt n space wheelchair but we worried about lifting it in and out of the car, which we do many times a day since she is a girl on the go! So, he looked into the various special needs strollers for us and came up with two options that would recline back the way Eliza likes to lay. We decided on the Thomashilfen that has some room for growth, can practically lay flat and has an enormous sun shade to keep her out of this hot desert sun. I think her new little buggy will be a good one.

I thought it was ironic that it was delivered today. I joked with Callahan that we were celebrating the fact that he wasn’t in a wheelchair by getting a new one for Eliza. Here’s to many walks and fun outings, Miss Eliza.

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On June 10, 2014

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