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A couple days ago we had the sad opportunity to say our goodbyes to a dear, dear friend with MLD. We met Rebekah’s family shortly after Eliza’s diagnosis and they have been wonderful examples of perseverance, long-suffering and keeping a sense of humor during difficult times. They are absolutely incredible. Rebekah is their 4th child to pass away from MLD. Even as I type that sentence it is difficult for me to wrap my head around. They have two living sons – Jack is currently serving an LDS mission in London and their son Sam is 16 and also has MLD.

I had the chance to watch Sam and Rebekah several months ago while their parents were in Las Vegas for a convention. Bekah’s smile simply lit up the room and Caroline loved making her laugh. She is a girly girl so she and Caroline got along very well.

Her funeral was filled with wonderful talks, beautiful music and a lot of tears. Although we are so happy that she is no longer burdened by disabled body, it is sad to say goodbye and to see her family in more pain. Our thoughts and prayers have been with them and we look forward to the day when we can see her again and hear everything she has been waiting to say. We love you Bekah and Darrington family.


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On August 3, 2014

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